6:59 1/23/24JemblesBring back the shower dance!!!
6:59 10/30/23MattWhy isn't that you all want me to take a picture for.
8:25 10/13/23AngeloI haven't been there yet but, it's happening tonight!! I'm headed there!! Checking out the talent smile smile smile smile smile smile
10:21 9/6/23CloutonIs this place full nude?
10:18 7/22/23howdyhowdy
3:36 4/12/23JoshPictures of the ladies?
10:32 3/30/23ManagerWe are hiring all positions. Bartender. Security. Dancers
8:30 3/3/23ThunderKochPrivate Dance?
10:53 2/10/23AmandaBakerDo you have a bartender position open?
10:29 1/12/23ManagerNOW SERVING LIQUOR, same hours, hot women, NEW DRINKS
7:02 12/3/22DavidBarnesYou guys have room for a bachelor party of 6?
5:39 10/25/22Adminthe Website is BACK!! smile
10:20 5/20/22Rose@trent we do serve beer! The girls would love to have a drink with you, come and see us! smile smile
12:04 5/17/22TrentDo you serve liquor?
8:29 4/11/22MichaelGordonYou guys got room for 8 dudes on May 6th? smile
8:14 4/11/22TaylorKeeferWill you sit on Mitch Mayan’s face?
6:54 3/31/22DonYou still open
9:25 2/8/22SpencerHow much are lap dances
11:38 12/27/21JanetHappy New Year smile
7:01 10/30/21TreasureWill forever remember the fun times here ❤️
6:52 8/6/21Jill 💋 💋 💋 C U
3:38 8/6/21Cagey smile smile
10:09 7/28/21pushhyum
2:25 6/10/21Matt😎💯💋 just wanted to give a shout out to to some special dancers tonight diesel,rose and Staci for making me and Buddy feel welcome and at feel at home when we come to the office you definitely take good care of us and we love the vibes and attention we get from you ladies we definitely look forward to seeing you girls on Wednesday nights when we come visit the office
10:11 5/29/21BFloWill the ward boys be at the office this weekend? I remember them from 2015.
12:07 5/2/21AL smile smile
10:54 4/23/21Bill smile
11:27 3/12/21MalikPinkLet’s see some!
12:21 3/3/21Willhelp
2:34 11/12/20JeremytynerFun times
4:49 10/26/20ManagerHalloween Party Oct 31st, cash prizes. Dress up all week, Show us your costumes.....
4:18 9/26/20JohnnahceeJesse james her The outlaw preacher woman the hottest as around JS
2:30 9/18/20ManagerVisit Facebook for photos of the ladies
4:45 8/29/20Billnot any more... smile
2:58 8/29/20ToodlesIs there a photo gallery of the ladies?
1:02 8/6/20Pam smile
2:22 8/2/20Tester001Any girls available?
12:11 7/29/20ManagerLooking forward to seeing all you guys come out this weekend for a great night with the Office Ladies.
4:11 7/5/20TonyIndigo get on my Facebook would like to hang
4:28 6/29/20mery smile
5:07 5/2/20TonyMe an Sammie had two fine dancers give us a lap dance it was great
8:25 3/8/20TonyHad a blast last night!
12:57 3/6/20BillOn the Map Link
8:04 3/4/20JimblesI would like to come see your bobs and vagene. I love huje bobs and bushy vagenes.
5:27 3/4/20BigShonWill there be some good talent working this weekend? Having a guys lake weekend and will have plenty of cash to have a good time!
10:41 3/4/20ManagerLink
10:37 3/4/20ManagerThe Monkey Island Office of Facebook. Link
10:36 3/4/20ManagerLink
4:55 2/27/20BillWhat is your FB addy? I will put it on this page ... smile
2:48 2/17/20Ameliawhat is your facebook address
12:55 2/17/20ManagerVisit the Facebook page to apply for a job.
8:47 2/3/20Alt-GirlAre you hiring temp dancers? In the area for a couple weeks :3
4:45 2/3/20HeronThis smile
12:27 1/20/20ManagerYes we have several lovely ladies here to entertain you. Come out and see us next week.
8:31 1/8/20bonerjamswhat in the hoot is going on with this place? are there any girls there who like to party and do stripping
4:39 1/6/20ManagerHiring dancers - Send us a message on Facebook if you are interested in dancing.
4:38 1/6/20ManagerWe are Open Wed - Sat 8 PM - 2 AM. New Phone number is 918-219-5099.
3:27 10/23/19Billsay hello to Donnie, he was always a gentlemen and a straight shooter.
3:25 10/23/19BillThis is the last of the Free websites for my friends that I supported for many years. Since I was cussed out on The Pub's shoutbox a few years ago for having given them a free website for all those years. I my shut this off as only your customers use this site any more..
7:50 10/19/19Billit is a good thing you said something ... I was about to use this url somewhere else ... smile
4:31 10/17/19ManagerWe will be re-opening soon, visit facebook page to stay up to date on new hours and opening day. Link
12:42 7/2/19JeffLawsonI live up on Grand Lake and am Hosting a BACHELOR PARTY for my nephew END OF JULYPARTY OF 10 ...We will be boating to SANGRLa AND RENT somthing to take us ther at 9:00 Pm and Back to the boat around 2:00 any services like that up There? & how may girls are generally in on a SATURDAY/ FRIDAY night?
4:44 6/8/19PootieTangPootie Tang Likes The Office. Pootie Tang Likes The Office, Too. Sa Da Tay!
5:21 6/7/19Billclosed ... smile
4:07 5/23/19BillThe Water is high, move to the high ground at, The Office, a party out of the rain ... til the water calms down ... smile
8:45 4/15/19ScottieDeeThe Sultan of Singles is heading to Grand Lake this summer. Scottie D
3:08 3/31/19BillDonny and the staff do not come to their site any more ... call the number. smile
6:37 3/19/19ArikaR u hiring
6:48 3/15/19Billweekend ... smile
5:42 3/8/19John smile smile
9:03 2/28/19BillHey Cash, ... ltns smile
12:42 2/19/19Metisse smile
12:17 2/19/19MetisseI used to be royalty in this club years ago, anybody remember Miss Metisse?
11:45 1/31/19Billwe used to have the staff and the girls photos and stories at the links years ago, but the staff quit sending pictures of the new girls to me and I turned all that stuff off years ago and added the camera, ... oh well smile
7:53 1/25/19BillDonnie has the last of the free websites I provided for my friends over the last 20 years. Have a great summer ... :)
2:50 12/28/18Bill smile
1:06 12/28/18JonnytHey
2:46 12/12/18BillIt is on again ... smile
6:23 2/9/18BillI will get the shoutbox up again soon ...
6:10 12/14/17BobLink
8:30 12/11/17HottieCheck it out this weekend, any hotels close by?
8:29 12/11/17HottieLooking to
8:29 12/11/17HottieLooking to
7:25 12/11/17Bob smile
5:59 12/11/17HottieHow is everyone?
1:16 12/10/17BobHi
10:12 11/27/17BillThe staff doesn't pay any attention to this since facebook, only the visitors come here everyday .. give them a call in the evening ... mention it to them smile
9:44 11/27/17CI was told about a dancer named Rain awhile back but can't remember where?
6:22 10/5/17jenare you hiring dancers
10:26 7/13/17MarkSnickers and Dr pepper
10:01 7/8/17DennissevenstarCan't wait to see the hot women
6:29 7/6/17scott smile
4:17 6/12/17JohnhankThe Ward boys can't hang. Team titties is coming in hot this weekend
4:13 6/12/17WardBoysStinkBringing a bachelor party this weekend, ward boys better watch out
12:17 4/28/17thtguyIs this place any good, does it serve alcohol, and are there any hotels in walking distance of the establishment so i can walk there drunk
1:29 4/15/17Ronhello deliciou
1:28 4/15/17RonWish I was still there
10:09 3/28/17tomoh I see you are on Monkey Island. Haven't been there for ages.
10:08 3/28/17tomwhat is your address?
9:10 3/7/17Sanchez smile love to see some strip poker games go on our something like that maybe a strip pool game
10:37 2/24/17glenis she working tomorrow night
10:36 2/24/17glenprincess is my favorite I would love to be able to treat her like a princess for a weekend or longer Snickers and Drpepper
6:36 2/19/17glenprincess is my favorite I would love to be able to treat her like a princess for a weekend or longer
9:49 2/15/17SMillerI'm bringing my posse soon, including the sexiest lawyer this side of the Rockies....and Phil
12:41 1/24/17BillTell them to use their cam to post their pix smile
6:09 1/7/17MikeDo you have a photo gallery of the ladies
6:06 1/6/17Mikehowdy
12:59 12/16/16markis shawna baker or aka princess of darkness working tonight
7:13 12/9/16Jw3Dam nice girls
12:49 11/19/16EmeryHendersonI had a good time. Im pleasently surprised. Im usually not the strip club kinda guy, but apart from being totally gorgeous and talented in their own ways, their cool people. Only complaints are $25 should atleast get you two songs, and trying to pick a favorite girl.
10:32 10/18/16JohnCooperThis place still in operation?
10:38 10/8/16ShadeWhat's up
12:59 7/17/16JirdanU open
10:07 6/11/16troyHello I hear about this place I would like to come and see some pretty girls and play pool
11:04 5/26/16DeannaDo you ever have male strippers???
3:27 5/16/16KenHi smile
10:40 5/11/16weezerhello!
11:33 4/20/16SteveBwould like to cone over and meet the ladies
11:31 4/20/16SteveBare you open and how do I get at worldmark resort
1:56 4/7/16MeDo ladies need a male escort to get in? I've known a few places where the women cannot get in without having a man with them.
1:48 3/18/16HuskermonkeyWhat's up still open
9:27 3/17/16CarlYep ... smile
2:30 1/13/16tht_one_guyis this place still open
3:20 12/5/15WesWould love to build you a new website
5:36 10/31/15matti like you ... who is working any one hot tonight
1:38 10/25/15BudTinkleLooking for pretty girls - know where I might find some?
10:13 10/12/15CarlAre you open in the winter? We had a fanstastic time this last summer smile
3:01 9/22/15ScotchnpottsMy buddy got a DuckButter rash on his leg from the ladies. Any idea what takes that out?
12:43 9/18/15SMillerCould one of the ladies pick me up in Dallas at the airport? I have money-bag Chuck's credit card and really need a ride.
2:36 9/16/15SerbianSexMachineLadies....fresh brazilians please, that's what we like.
11:07 9/16/15SerbianSexMachineOh yeah, by the way.....Ward Bothers, you better stay the f**k out of East Lansing!
10:57 9/16/15SerbianSexMachineChar My hands will be all over everything. The ladies better be ready, I'm gonna lay down The law this weekend. They'll be begging for mercy. Ward Brothers, stay outta my way!
9:28 9/14/15cesaris this strip club hands on?
10:14 9/14/15SMillerJust wondering if any of the pretty ladies are members of Shangrila, and want to golf with us this weekend?
1:11 9/12/15SMillerMoneybags Chuck has a bad rash, but that won't stop his lapdance requests. Stay away from his right arm Otherwise he is super friendly
8:33 9/10/15SerbianSexMachineLadies store your energy. I'm gonna crush monkey island. The countdown is on. You won't soon forget me and my boys.
6:26 9/9/15SMiller9 more days Are my Monkey Island Sweeties awaiting my return? Gonna have a dollar bill showdown with the Ward Brothers for your affection.
10:44 8/27/15ChaChaGet ready ladies. Coupla Tejas boys headed your way...
11:20 8/26/15SMilletGirls you will love my Dad. He may be old, but he's $loaded$ aBe horny as hell.
11:11 8/26/15LongTallTexanBoys weekend, gonna crush the place. Girls cum check out the back seat of my Maserati. The Ward Brothers got nothin on us!
11:07 8/26/15LongTallTexan🐑🌈
11:02 8/26/15SerbianSexMachineBoys lake weekend, gonna tear it up. Watch out for Mr Maserati. The Ward Brothers got nothin on us!
4:26 8/26/15SMillerOnly 23 more days. I'm the ultimate ladies man. Bringing my sidekick, money-bag Chuck.
12:54 8/20/15SMillerMy favorite vacation spot. Can't visit often enough.
7:05 8/3/15Bill smile
6:29 8/1/15FueHello
9:59 7/3/15georgehi back
10:41 6/8/15StudWhat is the address of this club
5:43 6/7/15scottwardCassie!!! smile
6:38 6/4/15troyconlinGiggity
11:55 5/28/15MIDailyNo New Pictures? smile
5:37 5/13/15AuroraAre they hiring??? Is it a good place to strip?
7:51 5/4/15BillI should work on the refresh it thas stopped working ... Tell Donny Hello ... have a GREAT summer ... smile
7:38 4/29/15BlueLoveBe on the Island this weekend smile
9:14 4/24/15jcruseis knee brace still there? I'm horny for injuries
9:04 4/24/15derikhuntwife's out of town and I'm ready to party
6:56 4/23/15ScottwardI'm cumming,and I'm bringing my red jacket. can't miss me.
11:21 4/23/15Scottwardit's go time. today's the day. the ward brothers are in the house. see you tonight ladies. we are going to be all over you like shampoo and conditioner.
9:20 4/22/15ScottWardone more day till the Ward Brothers arrive.
9:19 4/22/15ScottWardA man stopped me on the street and told me,"If you hit a midget on the head with a stick, he turns into forty gold coins." Why would he say that to me?
8:40 4/22/15CaseyWardone more day ladies. Hey Scott, remember the confusion that one Christmas when i said I wanted to F*uck Mia Hamm?
7:17 4/21/15GrandWho's working tonight??
4:13 4/21/15CaseyWardEven now, as we speak, people are having sex with animals. And we wonder why the animals attack us.
4:11 4/21/15ScottWardTwo more days. Some things are the same wherever you go. Like, if it feels like more than two fingers, it's probably a d!ck. the more you know......
2:54 4/21/15CaseyWardtwo more days
8:50 4/21/15dreamersp what's happening at the office on a tue or wed eve?
6:38 4/20/15CaseyWardSee you thursday.
6:38 4/20/15CaseyWardSome people are against porno movies. And I say hey, Ohio, Kentucky, and Iran: I say, hey - whatever a man, and a woman, and another woman with a p*nis and a midget do to a donkey, that's their garsh-darn business.
8:07 4/20/15ScottWardI have an obsession with books about kids with Asperger's syndrome. Woo, i feel better. 3 more days.
8:03 4/20/15CaseyWardWomen love mystery. Next time your lady leaves the room, take a dump on the floor! 'Cuz there is nothing more mysterious than a dump on the floor! And it always starts a conversation, am I right? Honey, what happened? You better hold me 'cause I'm afraid.
6:19 4/17/15ScottWardThat was funny, yet sad. Kind of like getting t*t-f*cked by a clown.
5:59 4/17/15CaseyWardRemember when you're young and you think your dad is Superman? And then you grow up and realized he's just a drunk who wears a cape.
5:55 4/17/15CaseyWard5 days six hours. till go time.
12:49 4/17/15ScottWardHey blue love, do you work at the office?
2:29 4/16/15BlueLoveYu guys are sosilly smile
1:32 4/16/15ScottWardThank god i do not have far to travel. I hate to travel. Mostly because my dad used to beat me with a globe.
1:12 4/16/15ScottWardSix more days. I'm not saying i am excited to get there, but if a stripper tried to rape me, I wouldn't fight back.
1:08 4/16/15CaseyWardPeople are so defensive, especially women, ya know. Cmon ladies. I offered a girl a tic-tac one time. Ya know what she says to me Oh do I need one? Is it my breath? Do you think I need one? Im like, Im just trying to be nice. If I was going to give you something you needed I would give you mustache wax and a t-shirt that says One C*ck at a Time."
1:00 4/16/15CaseyWard6 more days ladies
4:06 4/15/15CaseyWardSometimes when I watch porn I get my hoodie on so I feel creepier. Sometimes I get under computer so it feels like Im spying on her.
4:14 4/14/15ScottWardHeck yeah. Have you ever thought that if your shirt is not tucked intop your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt?
4:01 4/14/15CaseyWardEight days and eight hours till go time. I hope these ladies shave. My ex girlfriend did not use to shave. When she put on a pair of nylons she looked like Fidel Castro trying to rob a bank.
9:44 4/13/15ScottWardI don't have kids. That's why I leave it in the dumper or in the mouth, because I hate kids. Nine days 14 hours and 16 minutes to be exact.
9:36 4/13/15CaseyWardAny one who isn't pro choice has never slept with a stripper from Monkey Island. Nine more days.
9:14 4/12/15BlueLoveSummer is on th way, where are you? smile
1:52 4/10/15CaseyWardI played basket ball for five years and I was a benchwarmer for all five years. If you were never a benchwarmer, i cannot express to you the humiliation of every Saturday morning putting on a pair of breakaway pants and never having a reason to break them away, then they are just pants.
9:17 4/10/15ScottWardI was bullied when i was in school for being asian american. The biggest problem with that is that i am not asian american.
9:15 4/10/15CaseyWardI've spent the last two years looking for my girlfriends killer...........but no one will do it. 12 more days till Mantrip.
4:07 4/9/15CaseyWardMy girlfriend makes me want to be a better person...... So i can get a better girlfriend.
11:15 4/9/15CaseyWard13 Days till go time. I can hardly wait. I just won my Ncaa Bracket so I will have even more money to lavish on you lovely ladies.
11:14 4/9/15ScottWardHave I mentioned I am Pro Swine Flue. I think we need to thin the herd a little.
11:13 4/9/15CaseyWardI would never hit a woman, not even if she had a knife,......or a stutter.
2:40 3/31/15ScottWardI came up with my own expression. I like to make it hail. Yeah. That's when you throw change. Its all I can afford.
2:36 3/31/15CaseyWarduick question, how come everybody cheers when chicks flash their T&A, but when I pull out my D&Bs, i'm a registered sex offender.
2:27 3/31/15CaseyWardI have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day inside my fort.
2:15 3/31/15BlueLovebe nice Casey or someone might spit in your sandwich smile
12:36 3/30/15CaseyWardHey Blue, Boys may be boys but women are like potato chips. They better come with my f-ing sandwich.
11:18 3/30/15ScottWardCasey remember when I finished high school I wanted to take all my graduation money and buy myself a motorcycle. But mom said no. See, she said she had a brother who died in a horrible motorcycle accident when he was 18. And I could just have his motorcycle.
4:52 3/29/15BlueLoveah ... Boys will be Boys ... smile
5:21 3/27/15ScottWardYou know who can't wait to see. "Cooley" I wonder if he is still growing. He's fattening faster than he's aging. He's like the "Curious Case of Benjamin Glutton
5:19 3/27/15caseywardThis homeless guy asked me for money the other day. I was about to give it to him and then I thought he was going to use it on drugs or alcohol. And then I thought, that's what I'm going to use it on. Why am I judging this poor bastard?
5:14 3/27/15caseywardRemember that time I went to a sex store, and i was drunk. Never do that. I took one of those strap-on dildos, I put it on my head and started chasing people like a rhino. Oh, God. Oh my God! Everyone was laughing, except for the guy in the kilt. I dont know what happened, but im sorry.
3:23 3/27/15ScottWardAspirin will not bring dead hookers back to life. Learned that one the hard way. Am I right Casey?
2:35 3/27/15ScottWard27 days, that will be fun. I make my own fun. Like today, I'm sitting on the couch, right? My dog's licking himself, right? I'm touching myself, right? We catch each others eyes -- we both start laughing.
2:28 3/27/15caseywardSee you ladies in 27 days.
2:27 3/27/15caseywardI just got horrible news. I received a phone call that my grandmother only has a day to live. It may seem cold, but i do not think i am going to pay the ransom.
9:17 3/22/15dirtyboywhere's all the night life at
9:20 3/11/15caseyward42 days 14 hours and 41 seconds till i go to work at the office. Sorry for the slow reply Scott. You still having that problem? Maybe you should consider a lower fiber diet.
10:22 3/5/15ScottWardYou ever poop and go to wipe and accidently hit your hand on the poop? I know its a wierd question, but it happened again.
5:18 2/27/15caseywardI'll be the broke one. because I will be spending all my money on you .
9:59 2/26/15ScottWardHad a dream about you ladies last night. just 55 more days till i get to see you lovely ladies. I will be the short one with the short shorts on. Maybe we can dance together.
3:55 2/20/15CaseyWardWho you calling Tard Bros. South Side. You may be an impersonator, but i bet all the money i have you can't even get it to point north.
9:08 2/11/15TerryWho is working tonight
9:06 2/11/15TerryWho is working tonight
6:26 2/11/15PeterSouthIm a impersonator Tard Bros. Looking like my gig is on like donkey king!!
3:38 2/10/15CaseyWardNot gonna lie, just thinking about being 71 days away from my visit with you ladies makes me a little hard.
7:52 2/4/15Scottwardhey peter, do you have any relatives up north? Cold Cuts!!!!!!!Whooooo!!!!!!!!
4:48 2/3/15CaseyWard78 days, 6 hours, and 13 minutes. What kind of show do you have?
4:40 2/3/15PeterSouthHey Wart Bros...how many days til you are making an appearance at the office? I don't do math real good. I think I will be in the area that weekend. I have a show that weekend in the lake.
5:18 1/30/15CaseyWardI think you mean "hot pockets"
5:13 1/30/15ScottWardpeter south, i like the way you think. i cant wait to get a good look at he sweet ladies bologna sandwiches.
7:13 1/26/15PeterSouthGonna get some cold cuts....Gonna get some cold cuts.....
2:05 1/23/15ScottWardHey, this is Scott Ward and I was on Caseys computer earlier, what is your excuse "Anus" Are you trying to steal Caseys identity, because you are jealous of him?
1:22 1/23/15PeterSouthDouble post. Sorry ladies!!
1:18 1/23/15PeterSouthHey ladies....get funky!!!! smile
1:17 1/23/15PeterSouthHey Ladies!! Get funky....
12:17 1/23/15CaseyWardYeah, I'm the Anus. Your the one talking to your self.
8:55 1/23/15CaseyWardYou tell em Casey. If "Mc Anus" gets between me and my ladies, ther will be trouble. I may not be very tall, but I'm skinny. So i can get in and out of tough places.
1:46 1/22/15CaseyWardYou better watch your "BUTT", Mr. "McAnus" You don't want the Ward boys to bring the pain down on you. Not in front of such nice ladies.
8:38 1/22/15McManusYou ward boys sure do talk alot of game. I gues we will see what the lovely office women think when you get there.
8:18 1/22/15ScottWardHey Scott, just saw your post. you are right. the golf will be fun, but the ladies will be awesome. I just hope i don't spend as much as i did last year. I guess that depends on the ladies.
10:22 1/21/15ScottWardWe are cumming down for the golf. But I plan to spend every night with the ladies. I hope the guys i'm cumming with can keep up. I know Casey will hang with me.
5:07 1/20/15CaseyWard92 days till we meet. Wear something nice. Or nothing at all.
1:30 1/19/15ScottWardSo, i had a pretty good weekend. But all I could think about was you ladies and the 93 days until we get to meet.
10:05 1/16/15ScottWardCasey showed me the facebook page. Awesome!!! How many ladies work there?
10:02 1/16/15CaseyWardWe just finalized our lodging arrangements for Monkey Island. I cant wait till April. Recently found your facebook page. You ladies look phenominal. Scott and I are going to have the best time ever.
11:03 1/15/15CaseyWardThats right, Scott and I are cumming your way ladies. Can't wait till April. Do you ladies like scars?
9:00 1/15/15ScottWardI'm cumming down in April and I am bringing Casey with me. Being so close to the lake i hope you like "Motor Boats"
8:54 8/25/14RayDo you ever have amateur night. The wife wants to try it one time
2:14 7/22/14Badboyshow me some dancers please
9:18 6/29/14BillFacebook, cool I will post it in context. I offer that since Facebook knows more about you and your clicks than the NSA, ... Why not FaceBook ...
11:33 6/25/14JeffBrusvenHave a bachelor party at a cabin in duck creek, July 12. Any chance we could get two girls for a few hours?
8:20 6/25/14skylarhere is the link Link
3:50 6/25/14skylarwe have a fb page its called the office girls
2:09 6/5/14BillDon't bother verifying several times. Just post a request for photo and then Tell Donny to get it done. smile
4:46 5/5/14BillTell Donny to have his Stars post their faces in his Photo Booth. It can be a long drive for some of us. Everybody has a webcam ... smile
4:12 5/5/14BillNew Stuff Link
4:11 5/5/14BillEvents Link
4:10 5/5/14BillThe Wall Link
5:49 4/5/14zorroShow some examples of the talent. smile
6:43 4/2/14mikeWhy are there no pictures of the ladies anywhere?????
6:07 3/13/14BillOpen and Hot ... NEW WebCam Photo Booth. smile
Sep 26 6:56thtguyis this place still open
Aug 31 8:25RodHey Carrie,
Jul 18 12:32$haynais this club really shut down?
Jun 26 6:34HerbA Blast from the past ... >>>>> Link
Jun 23 8:43Bill smile
Jun 21 5:22BillHey Jeff,. you should call them for information. smile
Jun 20 10:43JeffHaving a bachlor part aug 24 any way someone could pick us up if we come by boat to Shangrala? Good tip for taking us there and back?
Jun 3 6:13joe smile
Apr 2 9:49Bill smile
Apr 2 9:46angelhiya, miss everyone so much! cant wait to come visit!
Mar 10 5:32davidis there any web page or site where we can check out the girls?
Mar 2 10:41BillIt turns out they don't have a facebook page, just one of those automatic pages created when people look for one. But, they have some hot babes ...
Mar 1 10:52Davidlike to have the link to the office facebook or photos where i can what you have got before we come out for are bash that be fire if you can send me something for the party etc at the office. here is my email acct davidwilkerson301@yahoo.com thxs a bunch
Mar 1 10:47Davidyou guys use to have a facebook page but can not locate it anymore?? can you send a link to my fb email... david.wilderson.14@facebook.com
Feb 20 3:36Bill smile
Feb 8 1:04BillIf you have a facebook page we can put the stuff on your website. Just post the link here. smile
Jan 25 10:48BillGreat Shot!! smile
Jan 22 4:26CarrieHey Rod,
Nov 15 5:16Nateheard yall have a facebook page now....but cant find it.
Nov 12 3:51Bill smile
Sep 28 3:31BillTues - Sat 9:00pm - 2:00am
Sep 28 3:21weswhat r the hrs
Sep 18 11:27BillGot It ...
Sep 16 9:50jonI was trin to upload one from my phone an guess it got deleted last night anyway. lol you can jus take that one down, it doesnt have nothin to do with your bar so it looks dum. Wish i still had that pic from las nite tho
Sep 16 7:56Gregjust do it again and it will replace your existing upload
Sep 16 7:47jonoops, up;oaded the wrong pic. How do i take that one down to get the rite one up
Aug 28 6:38GregWe will be there. Why are there no pictures of the girls on the wall? smile
Aug 28 4:38SkylarHope to see you all this weekend! Labor day!! smile
Aug 28 4:36SkylarHope
Aug 28 4:36SkylarHope to see everyone out this
Aug 26 3:59starit was great seeing every one tonight i love u all!! smile
Aug 25 9:31Denise smile
Aug 25 7:48GregCampbell smile it was good to be back! The silverback is in the house!!
Aug 24 4:04GregCampbellI can't wait to see all of you beautiful ladies tonight. I love you all!!
Aug 24 3:16RomanRevardcan't wait to see all my favorite girls this weekend. I love you all. see you tomorrow.
Aug 8 3:44craigskylar and star, you were awsome. had a great time. see you labor day weekend. smile
Aug 5 8:12BuyAdultProductscomcontest i mean
Aug 5 8:12BuyAdultProductscomvideo was labeled Booty Talk Contact
Aug 5 8:11BuyAdultProductscomYo, I seen a video with this chick had a GIANT stupid big booty, I think at the one in Miami. I need to know her name and is she still there
Jul 13 6:00BillTap, Tap, Tap... Is this thing on?
Jul 7 3:16jeramymainmainj400@yahoo.com Wow . Golly gee . You mean i get to sniff the clothes? Wel sum?
Jun 24 11:32Bill smile
Jun 21 7:24BillTap, Tap, Tap ... Is this thing on? Image Link
Jun 21 6:49BillThis is a test, testing, one, two, three...
Jun 21 6:33GeorgeTest message.
May 29 4:14BillIs that cool or what?
May 20 10:17BillHey smile
May 20 9:06TedGreetings smile
May 19 4:20Bill smile
May 15 12:18AmyIs there a email address I can forward body wraps too. Dancers love to wrap and would love to send you more information on tone, tighten and firm with body wrap. Please email me amyhughes.myitworks.com
May 15 12:13AmyIt works body wraps! Tones, tightens and firms in 45min! Please contact me for more information. Great for dancers!!!!amyhughes7@yahoo.com
May 6 2:08Bill smile
May 5 11:37skyHello EveryOne...
Apr 28 11:27Bill smile
Apr 13 8:20Bill smile
Apr 13 6:14Faisalhello everyone
Apr 10 10:05BillCowboy, it gets so late, call me at 918 791 1842 smile
Apr 4 3:24Billhey
Apr 4 3:16mcshello
Mar 28 9:36BillCool, i will call in a day or 2. smile
Mar 28 2:59wuzupstill open in afton?
Mar 27 10:11CowboyBill, this is cowboy I'm back managing, give me a call
Mar 24 2:19BillTues - Sat 9:00pm - 2:00am
Mar 23 9:46HunterJust wanting to know the hours of operation.
Mar 3 8:07redghost2003is angel working tonight?
Feb 25 10:15clover69hey
Feb 6 9:48BillHey!
Jan 17 8:19jeramymain19182578850 forgot . call me and let me know the line up?Please? or post it ?
Jan 17 8:16jeramymainBlonbe with the long boots. When are you working again? smile
Nov 25 11:39BillHey Kids, call Donnie @ 918.257.5454 smile
Nov 25 11:16JennDo any of the dancers do a private party?? Hubby's turning 40 and I wanted to surprise him at his party. Thx
Nov 17 2:23jeramymainx1sJeramy Main again, e mail is mainjeramy@yahoo.com or jeramymain @ hotmail.com. Really need job. any hours
Nov 17 2:19jeramymainx1sAre you all needin any door men /bouncer's. Cleaning people, anything for employment. I live real close and have transportation.single no kids avalibe all the time. 9182578850
Nov 17 2:17jeramymainx1sThis is so awesome! I love it. Long Legs sorry i forgot you all's names, um u there tonight?
Nov 17 2:11jeramymainx1sI was in last night late . Great girls. Had blast! Long legs and blonde, Jeramy; me; says hey.
Nov 13 8:57Jack smile
Sep 27 7:49WobblerIt is as easy as 123 ...
Sep 9 5:59Ranger smile
Aug 31 11:53Ranger if donnie is on your wrong side.. Better watch your step,,.,.
Aug 18 12:04codyyeah both owners were there
Aug 7 8:39RangerWas Donnie there?
Jul 26 10:22codyoh and the bouncer is a total creeper!! it must be his first bouncer job
Jul 26 5:15codyi was out there friday. and it sucked! and thatis the first time i have ever said that about the office. tha girls had done picked out there guys they were going to get all there money from and would never leave there side! total BS
Jul 26 1:29Ranger smile
Jul 25 6:53RangerThat was one fantastic weekend
Jul 24 10:09RangerOn the lake,, where are you?
Jul 18 12:02codyhow is everyone doing? is cherry still danceing out there
Jul 18 10:20RangerHello
Jul 18 10:09codyhello everyone
Jul 12 7:39RangerIt's in there . .. ... smile
Jul 12 4:45AaronI'm looking for a place to bring about 6-8 guys for a bachelor party on Saturday, July 23rd. Do you have any group rates, VIP room, bachelor party stuff?
Jun 11 5:58RangerCall and ask for Donny,,, 918.257.5454 after 9pm
Jun 11 3:43NaomiHello how many girls work there
Jun 3 12:32lake smile
Jun 3 12:23CarlosBeverTacoI arrived in Americas airport with clothings, US dollars, and a jar of gypsy tears to protect me from AIDS.
Jun 3 12:11TheShoffJohn Stamos
Jun 3 12:09HectorAlright. If you were a chick, whose the one guy you would sleep with?
Jun 3 12:00HectorI touched a guys ballz once in Hebrew school
Jun 2 11:43PissPantzgrope... smile grope... smile grope... smile grope... smile
Jun 2 11:18salty-nutzP-Dog....you better be bringin my childz support! Biatch!
Jun 2 10:38Ranger smile Ladies smile
Jun 2 10:37KaryPierceRyan. I will beat this piss out of you if you come back from Grand with crabs again
Jun 2 10:34P-dogI am soooo high right now. Who has the biggest tits in this place? Your mine for the night.
Jun 2 10:30CowboyTraeI have a room at Shangri-Lay for whomever is interested.... and I do mean whomever...
Jun 2 10:17JRayHelmshello ladies. I will see you tomorrow. I'll have a 7 and 7 in my right hand and my hallway pass in my left
Apr 30 8:37stanwhats up baby baby cherry
Apr 30 8:37Ranger smile
Apr 25 7:22JonIs there anyone there that makes house calls??? smile
Apr 12 9:36Ranger smile
Apr 11 6:13deltaDoes Cherry still work there? That's what's up.
Mar 27 8:32RangerBack to summer's fun and a cooling hot spot on Monkey Island.
Mar 7 10:09Ranger smile smile smile smile Ladies smile
Feb 23 2:03wHO smile
Jan 5 2:16DeniseHey John, it you are local, stop in some evening.
Dec 23 4:06BillTriple X ... Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas smile
Dec 6 6:23BillHi Dan,, Monkey Island ... Here is a map Link
Dec 6 12:42danVery hard to find out you were in Oklahoma. Couldn't find any links using google Oklahoma Strip Clubs
Nov 12 10:33Bill smile
Nov 12 10:20yooodoes cherry still work there
Oct 13 9:08BillHi Kids ... smile
Sep 11 9:43BillWhat, after pushing the buttons, add a comment. smile
Sep 7 9:35BillNow we are having fun!! smile
Aug 19 9:41MorelandBringing a big group Saturday night.... about 15 guys. Looking forward to it!!!!!
Aug 17 6:12shepany new dancers?
Jul 6 5:40christyyes we're open
Jul 5 2:43jeffare you open Tue night?
Jun 25 8:34BillThat's one way to put it, Hot Babes is another smile
Jun 17 9:00MaknParrHey Donny, Heard you hired some "GORGEOUS" girls from "SENSATIONS" smile
Jun 11 3:37GomerWife wants to try! Ever have amateur nights?
Jun 9 9:35Billgood morning,,,, smile
May 19 2:52red smile smile smile
May 2 7:11BillSpring Has Sprung..
Apr 18 2:41amberhi smile
Apr 10 11:28kramwell where does a guy purchase a good time in okc
Apr 7 2:23jeramyhello all
Mar 16 7:31JJHey there are you going to have (ALL) the March Madness Tournament games up there???
Mar 13 10:40BillHey Pootie! smile
Mar 5 10:33BillU Know it ... smile
Mar 5 2:50GlennHot women!
Feb 22 7:41a37hey
Feb 19 8:04BillHowdy ... smile
Feb 19 7:51DarlaHello
Feb 17 5:46jakebig boobs
Feb 17 5:46jakeits awsome smile
Feb 17 5:45jakeman there are some hott sexy babes who enjoy gettin knocked up ^!!!!
Feb 17 5:41johnnyhello
Jan 28 9:02BillNice night for a dance ... smile
Jan 24 5:21willie smile
Fri 2:48 amBillHappy New Year!!
Sun 5:54 amBillStop in and see Donnie,. The winters are slow up here and it is hard to say.
Mon 11:12 amJayI just moved here from KC with the Family. Are you folks needing any security help up there?
Mon 11:10 amJay smile
Wed 7:07 amBillNo! this is a classy joint and the girls are too hot for that. smile
Wed 6:39 ampervertAre there any gloryholes ? smile
Fri 10:51 pmT-boneWill you be open this coming Tuesday, will have a group from Texas in town?
Fri 7:58 pmBill9:00 PM ...
Fri 3:41 pmBobbyWhat time do you guys open....I tried calling and no answer. We're coming down from Wichita, KS.
Tue 10:13 pmBill smile
Tue 4:53 pmtomlets see the pics
Wed 7:56 pmMickwhat is the cover charge?
Tue 12:32 pmBillOh... Link try this smile
Fri 2:53 pmMickIsland Health looks great but was looking for more fun
Fri 2:25 pmBillIsland Health and Wellness Spa Link ??
Fri 2:12 pmMickany place to get a massage near the office?
Thu 8:11 amJordynHi everyone this is JORDYN from the office. Just wnated to let you know that I will have pics of our beautiful girls yp shortly.. smile smile smile smile
Tue 12:16 pmBill smile
Mon 2:19 amGuest-p
Sun 4:16 pmBillHey,, It's Summer in Summer Town... Cool... smile
Sat 11:53 pmGuestIs there a woman at the office that can smoke a ciggarrette with her kitty?
Wed 11:20 amGuestany hotties?
Wed 4:51 pmtmowdyhow good are the girls at the office im wanting to go
Mon 10:01 amBillTell donny to add photos to his website
Sat 10:41 pmcodyhey when u going 2 put a pic of the girls in there
Sat 10:40 pmcodyhey how much does it cost 2 get in there
Sat 10:39 pmcodyhey whats up
Thu 10:35 pmGuestwhere r the girls
Thu 8:31 pmBillLink
Thu 7:29 pmGuestCheck out Grand Lake Gone Wild . Com
Thu 7:29 pmGuestCheck out Grand Lake Gone Wild . Com
Sun 11:39 pmGuesthi
Mon 3:30 pmOrrI'm already having flashbacks!!! smile
Mon 3:26 pmbwillIt's on come Saturday night!!
Mon 3:07 pmGuestawesome
Thu 8:25 pmBill smile
Sat 10:35 amBill smile
Fri 8:58 pmGuestwhazzup
Tue 9:57 amBillIt is a wonderful experience. Not too far from Tulsa, Joplin or Coffeyville ... smile
Tue 9:46 amdebjust wondering what this place is like smile
Sat 4:13 pmBillThe Girls are Coming Soon ...
Wed 1:48 pmGuestLooking for pictures of the girls on website and no luck - maybe I am looking in the wrong place
Wed 1:28 pmDimplesGrumpy & I should be back in soon.
Wed 1:26 pmDimplesIs Dixie back yet?
Sat 1:51 pmBillMap and Directions Link
Sat 2:00 amashtonlynngoodnight......xoxo AshtonLynn smile
Sat 1:59 amashtonlynnOh and If anyone happends to bump into donnie .. tell him hello .......
Sat 1:55 amashtonlynnjust wanted to say hello to all who know me ... and hope you all are doing well!! xoxo AshtonLynn
Sat 1:52 amashtonlynn smile
Sat 1:51 amashtonlynnhello
Sat 3:13 pmBill smile
Tue 2:58 pmBillIt is time... New Year's at The Office!!! smile
Fri 9:05 pmBillHey!!! Get some christmas cheer.. see you at The Office!!! smile
Tue 7:59 pmBillHappy Holidays!!!! smile
Fri 2:11 pmBill smile
Mon 8:49 amBill smile
Fri 10:33 pmPootieKo me down on the Pantie Stie - GO B. O.
Mon 12:01 amBillI am telling you... Give us Girls! Girls! Girls!!! smile
Mon 12:00 amshadowu need to post pic of girls
Sun 11:59 pmshadowu need to post pic of girls
Mon 2:24 pmBillHello! smile
Mon 11:01 amGuest smile
Wed 12:27 pmBill smile
Mon 9:55 pmGuestIt's labor day, why are you closed!! smile
Tue 11:18 pmRangerYep! We are having fun now! smile
Tue 9:32 pmSpikesWe have a lake house on Monkey Island.... It's about time I checked 'The Office' out!!!
Tue 9:31 pmSpikesAre we having fun yet?!?!
Wed 11:50 pmJackieCheck it out! Link
Mon 1:37 pmBill smile
Sat 11:16 amBill smile
Thu 4:55 pmBillHey!!! We're having fun now!!! smile
Mon 5:44 pmGuest smile
Sun 9:30 pmBillHello! smile
Wed 5:57 pmBillBroadband video of Summer Town! click>> Link smile
Mon 10:51 pmBillsouth on Hwy 125 it is right before the armadillo, on Monkey Island smile
Mon 10:03 pmGuesthow do i get there?
Sat 3:30 amBillCheck out the broadband video of some of the last year click >> Link
Sun 10:31 amBill smile
Wed 1:30 pmBill smile
Fri 12:31 amPootieWe want Pootie Tang back at The Office!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun 9:03 pmkevin smilewhat the hell is this?? smile smile
Fri 10:33 pmGuest smile smile hey hey hey
Wed 2:11 amGuest smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile
Thu 12:13 pmJ-DubCome on guys, post some pics of the ladies!!
Wed 10:55 amBill smile
Mon 11:08 pmGuest smile
Fri 11:15 pmBill smile
Wed 3:16 pmBillMonkey Island, Grand Lake O' The Cherokees ... smile
Wed 1:55 pmGuestwheres it at
Sat 12:36 pmBill smile
Sat 12:36 pmBillWork, work, work, work,,, smile PLAY!!! @ The Office this weekend!!! We will be there.
Thu 11:04 amBillSee you soon! smile
Wed 3:27 pmtoadfrom the other side of the world in iraqi ready to go back home
Sun 1:31 pmBill smile we like it! I wrote it! we are going to have one heck of line up this summer! Check back to see the girls!!
Thu 5:35 pmGuestWhat? You did not like it?
Thu 3:43 pmGuest smile
Fri 7:22 pmBill smile
Fri 8:41 pmAdminWelcome to The Office - Grand Lake's Premiere Gentlemen's Club!